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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to the Party.



Are you ready for all things vintage and beautiful? I created a seperate fashion blog because I wanted to dedicate an entire space that showcases how easy it is to look and feel beautiful affordably and easily. In high school, I started working as soon as I could, and always bought my own clothes. I would look for bargains so I could get the most out of my hard earned money, and I'm here to provide affordable clothing to you that I would personally wear. I will never price things higher than I think is fair (I work with a lot of appraisers, and do my research on the "going rates" and always price lower) and am excited to see these peices be brought to life by your style!

Each week, I will feature one of you who has bought a piece from the shop, and made it their own. When you buy something, PLEASE send me a picture of you in it, with a little blurb about how vintage fashion has made you feel beautiful!

In the comments below, please ask any questions that you have regarding vintage anything! I'm making s FAQ's, and want to be sure I include all of your questions.

Follow and grab a button, and you followers will be first to know when the shop is updated! This blog will be full of fun giveaways, fashion tips, DIYS, and tips on how to thrift! I'm SO excited to have you here!


Brittney said...

I love your style and am ohhhh SO excited to look at & buy some of the beautiful pieces you pick out. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the first thing I bought from you, and will be sure to send you a picture or two. Keep up the great work! <3

Stesha said...

I am so proud!!!

Amber said...

Alright! Love the new shop!

.Amelia.Bedelia. said...

Ekkk! I am so excited and love the outfits in the photos!

Gentri said...

I absolutely love this idea and think you have such a great eye for vintage treasures! :D

Kelly said...

HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU PARTING WITH THESE!?!? I love them all!! I got some vintage jewelry that you would love at a community street sale the other day for wooweee cheap! :) The shop looks fantastic and I'm SO SO excited for you!!

haili hunter said...

ASHLEY! I love the two outfits you are wearing in the first two photographs of this post. Are they up for grabs?????

Ashley said...

no they arent! Just the things up in the shop! :)